Hero engineer saves couple after finding dangerous gas leak while installing a new hob

An engineer has potentially saved a customer’s life after they found a dangerous gas leak while installing a new hob.

Liam Hall, from Leeds, was on a routine job setting up the appliance in Mr and Mrs Lawson’s kitchen when he noticed something unusual, reports Leeds Live.

The gas readings for the house had dropped substantially, causing Liam – who works for online electrical shop AO.com at their Cross Green depot – to become concerned over a possible leak.

He quickly informed the couple about the issue, promising to get it sorted for them immediately.

While under normal conditions he would’ve postponed the installation as a result, Liam decided he would continue as Mrs Lawson informed him her husband was vulnerable – and so he didn’t want to leave them with the gas disconnected.

Reflecting on the incident, he said: “As soon as Mrs Lawson told me about her husband, I knew I had to get the problem sorted for them. I promised to get the leak sorted, no matter how long it took me.”

After searching around the house but finding no leak, he pulled out the oven and checked the new pipe work – only to find the original crimp fittings had not been tightened correctly.

This meant the fittings were “spinning around” and “weren’t sealing as they should.”

Liam then spent more than two and a half hour replacing the original piping to make sure the gas supply was now safe.

Praising the above-and-beyond attitude of the workman, Mrs Lawson said: “Liam is one of the best gas engineers to have worked at my home.

“He was compassionate about the situation and made sure that both me and my husband had no further inconvenience – I’m so grateful and I can’t thank him enough.”

Lynne Wood, Director of Service Delivery at AO Logistics, said: “All of our Premier Installations Engineers are Gas Safe registered and are fully trained to detect potentially dangerous leaks in a customer’s home.

“We’re all about making decisions that our mum would be proud of and the level of care that Liam showed to Mrs Lawson and her husband embodies this perfectly.

“We’re so pleased to have been able to help them during what must’ve been a scary situation.”